Hotels get a boost in revenue with micro markets

The micro market is experiencing unprecedented growth in the hospitality sector, especially with the rise of the contactless, self-serve trend in the post-covid world.

Hotels are seeing the power of the micro markets in creating and maintaining an added revenue stream while raising the bar for customer experience. It is no surprise that many big names in the hospitality industry continue to invest in the sector.

The rise of these small, convenient shops has also been a welcome change for guests who demand convenience and control.

Micro markets located in a hotel lobby are a perfect stopover for guests of all needs, offering options from breakfast to dinner, convenience foods to desserts and more.

The micro market supports your in-house kitchen and third party restaurant partners, outside their operating hours.

Micro markets provide hotel guests with 24/7 meal options

Impress your guests and increase profits with your micro-market.

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